Where to eat in Novi Sad?

“You can't just eat good food. You've got to talk about it too. And you've got to talk about it to somebody who understands that kind of food.”

or as we like to say in Novi Sad:

„Your body is an amusement park. Enjoy the ride.”

Serbian traditional cuisine is rich in flavors and aromas created by the mix of influences of various nations living in this region or just passing through here. This fusion of different influences has brought authentic and unforgettable tastes that can be felt in Serbia only.

About us

Our Mission

Every time we travel somewhere, my husband and I, we noticed that besides the various attractions in a city, we remember the moments we shared with other people in that destination. Whether it was a chat with a waitress, or a casual conversation with a taxi driver, human contact was crucial.

We are Boba and Goran. I'm a pharmacist and he's a meteorologist. We live in Novi Sad with our three children and a dog. Our son is an IT engineer, and of course he made the site, he is a user of a wheelchair from birth so we for sure can accommodate people in a wheelchair in our home. Our older daughter is a future veterinarian and our youngest daughter is studying to become a electrical engineer. We as a family are very friendly and we love to meet new people and hear their stories .. I invite you to a traditional Serbian/Vojvodina lunch/dinner that you will not get in classic restaurants, with a good conversation and in a good atmosphere.

Just bring a good mood and your best strechy pants!

Our philosophy

Traditional Serbian lunch is an unforgettable experience. It is also the richest meal of the day that traditionally begins with a glass of cold, high-quality home-made brandy, which will warm you and awaken your appetite. After that, the appetizer is next and then a soup, the main dish with salad and finally - desert that is served with good wine in a good company. Serbians like to hang out while eating good food and often invent the occasion to celebrate something and create an opportunity to gather and make barbecue

The main characteristics of traditional Serbian cuisine are quality foods such as fresh and juicy meat and the authentic taste and aroma of vegetables and fruits that are not covered by spices and sauces. Food is cooked, fried and baked in Serbia, and also prepared in the old ways - on a barbecue or in a clay pot that is coocked on the grill. Serbia also offeres a large selection of cooked foods (which are eaten with a spoon). In order to get the best tasts, the food needs to be cooked for a long time on a gentle fire with love.

As native Serbian dishes I would mention: beef prosciutto, kajmak, ajvar, cicvara,  jam made of rose  petals and various specialties with dry plums. For most recipies of Serbian national cuisine there is no correct word in the dictionaries of foreign languages, nor the taste with which they can be compared. So it's best to come and try them out!

Our Restaurant

What’s on the menu and on the bill?

The basic concept of the dinner is from Voivodina, which is a famous yellow chicken or beef soup with homemade noodles or dumplings. After the soup, rinflaish is served with white sauce, radish or red sauce. The main course is meat with vegetables.The vegetables change in accordance with the seasons. After that comes dessert, and the trademark of this region is poppyseed roll, nuts, plum dumplings, donuts or something similar: Food in Serbia is served on the table, so that everyone can take as much as they want. All this is served together with domestic Serbian wines and rakija. After this, reserve your place as soon as possible, and put in practice what you read.

If you are a vegetarian or you have any other food preferences, let us know when you book the dinner, and we will be happy to tailor the menu.

Concerning the payment, we would like to ask you settle the bill after the dinner in cash, or transfer the money to our bank account (contact us for details), whichever way is more comfortable for you. The price of the dinner is 35€/person, which includes an aperitif, the 3-course meal, water and Serbian wine as well.

How does our restaurant work?

In Serbia a guest comes first.This is not a classic restaurant. In fact, this is a call for us to be friends. Come and let us welcome you in our home, with home-made food that isn't served in ordinary restaurants. This is the only way to experience the famous Serbian hospitality and to show you how an average Serbian family is eating. Since we have a limited number of sites I advise you to reserve in advance. So, the earlier you reserve, the better we will be able to accommodate you and provide you with an authentic experience of the real Serbian/Vojvodina home-made cuisine that has been created for centuries under the influence of various nations.

If it's a bigger group, if it's a special event like an anniversary or a birthday, tell us your wishes so that we can respond to your requests.

Our restaurant is open every day from 6:00pm till 10pm. For info, booking or any concerns, do not hesitate to contact us outside our opening hours as well, we would be happy to hear from you!

We are very close to the center of Novi Sad and our home is disable friendly Drop us an email at bobaseatandmeet@gmail.com or give us a call on 062 1107 024 or 064 371 8254


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